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 Beginner's Resources

ARRL, home of Amateur Radio The starting place to learn how & why to become a Ham Radio operator.


A good place for beginners to
learn about Amateur Radio
Created to provide information for people wanting to learn more about Amateur Radio. A website produce by the national associate for aperture radio ( ARRL )


Hello-Radio.org or


Best Beginning Book:
Arrl Ham Radio License Manual
Best beginner book to study for you first Amateur license (Technician Class, no Morse code test is required.) Purchase the "Arrl Ham Radio License Manual: All You Need to Become an Amateur Radio Operator  " book from the web site to the right.
Click here for the book,
2nd Best Beginning Book:
Ham Radio for Dummies,
Ham Radio for Dummies, a great complement to "Now You're Talking!" . It alone, is not enough to pass the Technician Class license but worth owning (need to buy Now You're Talking too ). Give you a good understanding of the entire hobby.


Click here for the book,
Ham Radio for Dummies, on
Amazon.com with reviews.
On-line practice test: Best on-line Practice test for the Amateur Licenses.
  Also a very good site for practicing the test
"Ham Test On-line"
Another on-line practice test for the Amateur Licenses.  (look to the take test button to the RT.)

A resource page about a few basic
Amateur Radios
This is just my personal pick of basic radios and someone of the equipment that you would need with it.  I also recommend talking to other 'Ham Radio' operators including the Elmer Forum section on www.eHam.net


International Morse Code Basics Not required for your first ham / amateur license but clear and required for the second license.


G4FON Morse code trainer Freeware (free software) that can be downloaded and used to learn code.


Code Quick
"5 words per min. in 12 days"
The BEST Morse code instructional for the money & I should know I bought just about every one! I recommend the Basic CD version:  "Audio CDs - 5WPM in 12 Days!"  $52.95 and really worth it.


AA9PW, On-line
Morse Code Trainer
Practice the code on line, using your web browser but and sound card.  www.aa9pw.com/radio/morse.html

Speak Normal!
This is NOT CB land!

Good Operating Guidelines for All Ham Operators to know.
Operating Guidelines

A few 'starter' radios

Often the first radio to buy is a simple handheld radio for you will always use it no matter what you get in the future and you can get on the air quickly (of course after the license). I picked GigaParts.com for the radios but you can find many other good dealers on-line as well. You want to make sure it comes with rechargeable batteries!


Yeasu VX-150/64B
Yeasu VX-170
Yeasu FT-60R


Resources for
Licensed Ham's

(other are welcome too)



QRZ Ham Resources QRZ is a good resource for Ham / Amateur information. You can look up the founders of CoachingSupport.com call letters their! KI4CFS
eHam.net Another good resource for Ham / Amateur Radio information. Also, great reviews of products.


Giga Parts One of the many good resource of equipment and great prices. This site has no relationships with this group this is provide just as a resource. gigaparts.com
Homemade, Pocket
J-Pole Antenna for 2 Meters
Under $20.00 home made, portable 2 meter J-Poll Antenna that works great and can roll up in your suitcase. This ham club web site has the instructions to make it on their site and it work! You can search under the title and find other sites too.


Pocket J-Pole Instructions
Internet Radio Linking System A system that links repeaters all over the world through the internet. To the non-ham, this lets you have the chance to talk with a hand held Amateur radio talk to someone across the world as though they are a few blocks away. Brilliant system, thanks to David Cameron, IRLP Designer, VE7LTD!



Map of the nodes worldwide

The Internet Radio Linking Project in Raleigh NC The KD4RAA Repeater Group-sponsored 146.775 - PL 88.5 repeater and area UHF linked repeaters are now linked to hundreds of participating repeater sites throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally. We are the first Repeater System in North Carolina to have a linking node into the IRLP project. 


Click here for more information.
EchoLink "EchoLink® is software that allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio's communications capabilities. There are more than 100,000 registered users in 140 countries worldwide!"

On-line QSL cards

The basic service is free after your register to send and receive QSL cards by email.

RTP/DC Groups

Raleigh Amateur Radio Society
RARS group also has links to Repeaters and a great club.
Orange County Radio Amateurs W4UNC - The Call Sign for
Orange County Radio Amateurs Group

Repeaters / frequencies

My Favorite Repeaters
& Frequencies
A excel web page of my favorite repeaters &
Frequencies related to my location Raleigh NC & Washington DC (by Martin Brossman )
Click here to see the Repeater
/ frequency list
US Repeaters Updated daily. Open Amateur Repeaters
Brought to you by ARTSCI Publishing Inc.


KD4RAA, Raleigh Raleigh area 2/70 Meter  Repeaters


CaryNCRepeater.com Cary NC Repeater resources and other good information.


P/T Logo "Welcome to the Possum Trot Net web site. The Possum Trot Net is a friendly "good morning" net for amateur radio operators to check into each weekday morning. Please explore our pages to find out about the history of the net and how the net operates. Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful day!" Click here for the web site
NETWORK ENGINEERS REPEATER ASSOCIATION List or Repeaters in the Washington DC area www.qsl.net/nera/
  ON-Line discussion groups for Hams
A good place to learn from other ham's


Ham Radio Forum Ham Radio Forum, a Ham radio community. Feel free to register and post. www.hamforum.com
QRZ Forum's The Forums on QRZ , very well used. Click here for QRZ forum area
eHam.net Forum
The Forums on eHam.net, lots of good stuff! www.eham.net/forums

Theory & Explanations
related to Ham Radio

The Electromagnetic Spectrum An explanation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
"Measuring the electromagnetic spectrum"
Resource on a NASA sub. page,
click here to go to it
Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.

"Electronics tutorials offered by www.electronics-tutorials.com are FREE to you and are extremely comprehensive with over 120 individual electronics tutorials topics covering a very wide range of electronics. It will always continue to expand so come back often. "




The section of "Electronics Tutorials" about how antennas work. www.electronics-tutorials.com/antennas/antenna-basics.htm
How Suff Works: Ham Radio The Ham radio section of how stuff works electronics.howstuffworks.com/ham-radio1.htm

The Field/Ham Field

Web sites with information / discussions on Broadband over Power lines: How Broadband Over Power line - Endangers the future of Ham
How internet over Broadband Over Powerline - Call to Arms (a discussion on eHam.net) high power arms can disrupt Ham / Amateur Radio and other emergency communications.
Broadband Over Powerline - Call to Arms
 (a discussion on eHam.net)

Understanding the FCC's Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) Notice of Inquiry
(on ARRL.net's web site)

More from ARRL, "For all Ham's to READ"!

A Yahoo discussion group on what works to stop BPL

What the "other side" is saying:
Broadband Wireless Internet Access Weblog


Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.


Support for Specific Radios

MODs for Ham rigs "The biggest WWW sites on internet for tips, tricks, and modifications of HAM rigs, HAM modems, etc, and it's free to use. Here you will find modifications of all types of HAM radios and HAM modems etc."
** Note: Use with caution at your own risk
 & make sure the modification is legal **


IC-2720H Ham designed reference card. A reference card for using and programming the IC-2720H designed for ham by hams. It is a PDF that you will have to save on your own computer than can print out for yourself. You may have to right click over the hyperlink and select "Save Target As.." . Clear here to being up PDF & save on your computer
Jingtong JT-208 and Jingtong JT-308 Jingtong is a Hong Kong based radio manufacturer. They have two main lines, the JT-208 and JT-308. http://www.kg4ivd.com/index.php/JingTong


AMSAT Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation. Learn about how to communicate through an earth orbiting satellite using Ham Radio! http://www.amsat.org/

Articles on Ham Radio


Dumb Questions about Dummy Loads & SWR Meters

A discussion on how to use Dummy Loads & SWR Meters by Martin Brossman on www.eHam.net  Click here to read article on eHam.net

You Might be Addicted to Ham Radio If?

A humorous collection of comments from "Ham's" by Martin Brossman on www.eHam.net  Click here to read article on eHam.net
Where Did 'Ham' in Ham Radio Come From? A collection of comments about where the word "Ham" came from
"Ham's" by Martin Brossman on www.eHam.net 
Click here to read article on eHam.net

Fun Products Related to Ham Radio

Large Coffee Mug, 'Stein', and stuff!
Celebrating the end or requiring code
[Meant in good fun]
A Large Coffee Mug and 'Stein'
Celebrating the end or requiring code. I still recommend learning code for the fun of it! To see the graphic on both products go to:
This is a fund raiser for "The Men's Inquiry and The Women's Inquiry"
Large Coffee Mug:
Large 'Stein':

White T-Shirt:

Dark T-Shirt:

All the other stuff:


Old Time Radio Mouse Pad A collecting of Old Time Radios Laid out on a mouse pad
I designed it and all item except the two Keys are from my family.
Click here to see the Mouse Pad:

My Stuff & Photos

Radio Stuff martinbrossman's Radio Stuff photoset
  A few on-line videos about Ham Radio / Amateur Radio  
YouTube posting of
Amateur radio today
Walter Cronkite describes the community service of Ham Radio and why I say Ham Radios lets me be part of the solutions vs. problem in a community crisis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z9136_Nhh4
Google Video posting of
Amateur radio today
Amateur (ham) Radio TODAY - it ain't your grandfather's radio! 3.5 min video of modern Amateur Radio options Ham Radio Amateur Radio ARRL http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5163804911268567381
YouTube posting 1921 Spark Gap Transmitter / Ham Radio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ybYxkt3UxU

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