The Raleigh Men's Insight Meeting*

A place to consider questions that cause us to think about ourselves, our families, what it means to be men in the world we live in, and how we can live out our faith in these areas

The Raleigh Men's Insight Meeting* is a new inquiry style meeting that is getting underway. My name is Rob Harris and I’d like to briefly tell you about it and how it started.

For more information contact 
Rob Harris at  or
(919) 413-3251

A good friend of mine, Martin Brossman, started the Raleigh Men’s Inquiry meeting over 10 years ago. The meeting is a forum where men can think about and address, from their personal experiences, questions vital to their lives and what it means for us to be men. We examine the kinds of questions that cause us to think deeply about our lives and relationships. The insight, help, and comradely that are encouraged by the authenticity and personal nature of the meeting have made the group a long-standing success.

Within the last year a number of men have expressed an interest to Martin in having a similar meeting for men but from a Christian and faith perspective. We've talked and planned for the last few months and now we’re finally underway.

Although similar to Martin’s Inquiry meeting, this powerful mission to men engages questions that cause us to think deeply about our lives, our relationships, and how our faith impacts us. Unafraid to raise those uncomfortable issues that often go unaddressed in church and other Christian settings, the group seeks to demonstrate that our Christian faith and life-outlook is common ground and that it supersedes our varied denominational and church backgrounds. We’re calling this venture the Raleigh Men's Insight Meeting to distinguish it from the Raleigh Men’s Inquiry Meeting.

The meetings are structured around listening and speaking from each man’s own unique experience. The impact of the truths that come through as men relate their personal struggles and triumphs in the context of honest discussion is powerful! Encouragement and insight flows, and at the end of the meeting we share the insights we’ve gained how we plan to act on them.

The group operates with a few simple rules: First, our meetings start and end promptly. Second, we speak from our own experience, in the first person as much as possible. A man’s experience is far more powerful than his ideas or something he’s heard or read. Third, we honor confidentiality. Men are encouraged to share the insights they gain from the meetings but we keep names and details within the group. And last, we avoid giving advice unless it’s requested.

Reminders are sent out each month prior to the meeting along with the question we will be discussing. We explore different questions each month. There’s no cost and we don’t promote anything.

Examples of the questions we discuss
• "How do you view your feelings of anger and do you that being angry is important for you and why?"
• "Have you discovered your particular mission in life, are you living it and what did (or what does) that discovery process look like for you?”
• “How do you view situations and people that stir anger and lust in you, and how do you handle these situations?”
• "When it comes to listening to your head and your heart, how do you tell the difference? How are you developing your ability to listen to your heart and does it make a difference in your living and working?"
• “What are some of your greatest frustrations in your relationship with God and what do you do about it?”

Our meetings are held at Starbuck’s on Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh from 7:30 to 9:30pm the 3rd Tuesday each month. You can contact me at 919-413-3251 or e-mail your questions or requests to: .

About myself
My name is Rob Harris and I lead the insight meeting. Before my wife and I moved to Raleigh, NC to work in a home for young unwed pregnant women in 2001, I spent twenty-five years in pastoral work. We currently operate an on-line book business and I coach individuals in areas such as forgiveness, grief, marriage, relationships, and sexuality. Our three adult children, spouses, and their children (ten grandchildren in all) also live nearby. Joy and I have been married for thirty-eight years.

  - Rob Harris 

When?   The 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:30 to 9:30 PM Come early and get some coffee!

Where?  Starbuck’s Coffee meeting room, 3800 Lake Boone Trail,
               Just off the beltline on the right going towards Rex Hospital.  (Click here for map.)

Info?      For more information or to be put on the email notification list contact Rob Harris at
or (919) 413-3251

Cost?    None, just let other men know about it :)  

* Separate from but patterned after the Triangle Men’s Inquiry Meeting
To learn more about The Men's Inquiry go to:


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