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This is a rare opportunity -- actually the first-ever -- to listen in on a live Men's Inquiry meeting. The topic -- "What does it mean to be a man of your word?"-- accurately represents the typical content of this compelling monthly discussion group. Here the participants are courageously exploring their lives around the themes of integrity, responsibility and marriage - expressing their personal insights and resulting commitments. It's a powerful recording. Male listeners may learn more about themselves, and women listeners may discover an aspect or two of men they have never seen before. It is difficult not to be moved by the authentic voices of 18 diverse men in what would normally be a confidential session. The session recorded here was a gift by these men to me on my birthday & the 10th anniversary of my founding the Men's Inquiry. The discussion, as usual, is frank and lively, and yes, contains some adult expressions.

This is a fundraiser for The Triangle Men's Inquiry, Women's Inquiry as well as the Triangle Men's Center of Raleigh.

See the CD front cover and back cover; comments about the recording :

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Front cover of the Live Men's Inquiry CD
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Click here to order your copy ( $12.95)
The Men's Inquiry Live - Special Addition 2006

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Comments about the recording:

1st: It was amazing how engrossing this discussion was in the disembodied fashion of listening to the sound tracks alone. There was no distraction to the listening since there were no faces, body language, or gestures to vie for attention. I heard honest communication almost entirely free from defensiveness. Your point in the introduction about not offering solutions because they can raise defenses was interesting and, I confess, hit home with me. It was amazing how on target and true the discussion stayed while flowing very naturally. It was also interesting how the men respected the rule about each other's speaking time. The voices seemed stress free throughout the comments. By this I do not mean uninvolved or unconcerned, I simply mean I did not hear the tension of immediate stress in their voices. There were a number of fascinating insights brought out in this discussion. Listening/checking in with what a person heard, voice tone, the importance of recognition, the importance of and what it means to give and keep one's word and the wisdom and courage to know when to break that word - and the recognition that both men and women have the responsibility to own positive (I am avoiding the term 'good') traits. The recognition that it is okay to say no was a good one. I think sometimes women think we are the only ones to 'over commit', so it is interesting to hear men wrestle with this as well - or recognize that they need to deal with it more effectively and positively. It was also interesting to hear men discussing that it takes commitment from both parties to make good two-way communication (even mundane communication) and to have an abiding relationship. What also caught my attention is that there was no 'posturing'. The men seemed to speak from where they were, not where they thought they should be or where they perceived the world thought they should be. This really is a huge thing! As one man said, it was amazing to him that what was going on in his head was going on in other (men's heads) as well - this despite the fact he came from an apparently different background experience from at least some of the other men - a sort of we are different, but we are the same kind of thing. It seems to me that maybe men learn to 'protect' themselves (or is it protecting their concept of masculinity?) to "hold their place in society" in ways that vary by their cultural influence while women learn to protect themselves to "gain a place in society" in ways that vary by their cultural influence. With 'shields of all sorts up' with all of us, effective communication can be a daunting task - men to men, women to women, men to women, and women to men - yet communication is the key to good personal relationships to successful work outcomes, even to honestly knowing yourself. Your Men's Inquiry Group gives an open forum for men to practice those honest communication skills for self understanding, all kinds of interpersonal relationship development, and even to promoting active achievement recognition. What a mission you are on!! It took me over an hour to write these few comments because I kept having to reflect on something else I heard in the discussion. It also is now about 2:30 AM so that may have affected my thoughts! I don't know that you expected comments, but I simply wanted to share a little of what I got from hearing an unexpectedly powerful "ordinary' discussion among men. Thank you for the honor - and dare I say trust? - in sharing this with me. It has given me greater insight into your work and appreciation of your very special skills.
- Professional businesswoman  (Name withheld)

2nd: I just want to tell you, I finished the CD and I really liked it. I was actually disappointed when it was over. I felt like a ďvoyeurĒ in an exclusive menís club. Very intriguing. Iím hoping my husband will get a chance to listen to it too, and look forward to discussing it with him.
D. W.

3rd: I applaud the Men's Inquiry Group. It provides an open forum and exchange of men's views on a myriad of topics including individual integrity, communication between the sexes, the issues of trust and keeping your word, the definition and traits of a "good person", relationship dynamics with self and others, and the journey of self-exploration. I encourage men and women alike to listen to and learn from this interesting dialogue. Martin's soon to be published book Finding Our Fire - Enhancing Men's Connection to Heart, Passion and Strength was inspired from his facilitations with the Men's Inquiry group and I am sure it will not disappoint!
J. W.

4th: The Live Menís Inquiry is outstanding, full of courage, commitment, genuineness, connection to self and others, and enjoyment. Martin has an amazing, natural ability to create an environment fostering rigorous authenticity, growth, determination, achievement and awareness. I salute all the men for coming together for their own continued development and supporting others!
Amy L. Sky, CEO
Strategic Leadership Empowerment

5th: This live inquiry was fantastic! I could not leave my chair for fear that I might miss someone saying something profound! And when I had to pause it, I quickly ran back to my PC to listen intently. It's not everyday that I (a women) have an opportunity to hear a man's perspective and/or point of view on issues/concerns that we all share everyday of our lives. This was very enlightening for me and look forward to listening to your next live inquiry. At the end of the last session, I found myself happy and smiling. I believe it's because I acknowledged that men feel very much the same way as I do so there is a connection among us even though you hear time and time again that we (men vs. women) are so very different and think differently. Perhaps not!
Susan Detwiler

6th: This CD is well introduced and outlined, covering many topics. What strikes me most about is the honesty, and how men are speaking from their own experience, knowing that it has value. It talks about how we, as men, validate ourselves how we handle responsibility, how becoming a man can mean being responsible, and how that can level the playing field for all men. It talks about giving credit where credit due, about marriage, knowing what it is, being the person you want to be without having to jump trough hoops, traits of good people, how men contribute to each others lives. Excellent, raw communication on the important things in menís lives.
(Man's name withheld by request)

7th: Martin Brossman, the creator of this CD was on my radio show on July 4 (www.letstalkmarketingshow.com). My first thoughts were about listening to this CD, "Why would I want to listen to a men's group? I am a woman, this is men's stuff." My curiousity got me to listen. I listened to men's perspective about their life and how they manage their communications. I was able to put myself in their shoes during the process and was able to take away many tips on how I can improve my communication to men in the future. Since then I have tried a few things out. And they worked. My communication with men has improved. Making a mind shift in order to improve communication skills can come from many sources. This one took me completely by surprise. Thus, if you are a women and only think this is for men, open your mind just enough to think of this from a different angle because there is one. I recommend this CD whether you are a women but especially if you are a man.

Catherine Franz, MCC
Producer & Host
Let's Talk Marketing Radio Show
Every Tuesday 10 am www.fcac.org/webr

8th: Listening to snippets of Martin's tape has brought me new insights into the way men think and view their world. In this society today you find many women opening their heart to ideas on marriage, insecurity, their role in society, etc. To now hear men giving their viewpoints is definitely an eye opener.
~Amy Benevento

9th: I listened to it several times and had very different reactions. The first time I listen to it though my "critical of men" when I have no patience for men having any challenges, the second I heard thing I had not realize about men and the third time I wanted my husband to go to this!
- Choose to remain anonymous. 


Note from Martin Brossman:  I chose  intelligent, successful, articulate, accomplished businesswomen to review this in order to provide another perspective for men and women.

Click here to order your copy ( $12.95)
The Men's Inquiry Live - Special Addition 2006

Click here to here a sample of the CD  

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Also now available:  A Live Recording of The Menís Inquiry - full recording: as an MP3 Download.
This copy is the full two hours but not as well-edited for background noise as the CD.
You need high speed internet to download this. 

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