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They Didn't Warn Me

Fear of Intimacy so Deep

In a Men's Workshop on Intimacy

An Unconscious Request From a Woman

I turned to her


Where does the man stand

Tossed Aside


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They Didn't Warn Me

Many years of work
I've broken the shell
became "in-touch with" my feelings
Let life move me
Heard their pain

They didn't warn me.. exposed it would leave me,
like a tortoise without a shell.

I expected to find great joy inside,
but instead:
pain, fear, sadness, and grief.

So... that's where I put it,
all these years.

Sometimes I miss:
The days of being numb
The joy of false confidence
The ease of justification
The excitement of reckless chaos

Where do I go from here?

The thing I despised,
the thing I didn't trust,
the thing I feared
would expose me the most.

This is the answer, the path for me:
my undiscovered brothers, my fellow men,
connecting to God through them

The path is slow; the evidence is quiet

so easy to forget...
no going back.

Drawing by Martin Brossman © 2006
Fear of Intimacy so Deep

Our fears of intimacy, so deep, 
so unconscious, 

Curled up in a corner of our heads

even write
a heartfelt poem or two

Dipping your toe,
is not swimming!

Who do you turn to in need,
in pain? 

Mostly women for me.

Ripping off another mans chance 
to nurture.

Know the cost? 
the cost is our sonís souls.

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